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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> get ready for round two. another strong storm is headed straight for the bay area tonight. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. a look at the high-def doppler shows a break in the rain, but not for long. another storm is on the way for the bay area. this one fast moving, less stable with a chance for spawning thunderstorms. wind advisory is already up if the bay area. 60 miles an hour gusts possible. that may mean more power outages within 24 hours. >> cate caugurian is in sausalito tonight where they are rushing to make repairs ahead of the next round of rain. cate? >> reporter: we are getting a little break so this is literally the calm before the storm. they are working to fix the
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damage from yesterday's storm meanwhile. pg&e is working around the clog to clear up storm round one before round two hits. >> we don't want you near any of these wires. >> reporter: wires that look like spaghetti all over this street. >> we saw snapping and arking. so we looked outside and there was this pole. >> reporter: and this mess was from last night. high winds knocked over three power poles cutting off electricity to 1200 customers and nearly hitting henry martinez's home. pg&e was able to restore most power, but in downtown sausalito, not soon enough. >> we had three birthdays we are celebrating tonight. i placed reservations here a number of days ago. so my surprise, um, they are closed. >> reporter: sailor's restaurant and bar had to shut down. >> we are scrambling to find a place for 12 of us to eat which is very difficult to do. >> reporter: as she scrambles to find a new place to eat,
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some like henry are hoping they have enough supplies to get them through the night. >> we have our candles and we will get some ice so i think we are okay for tonight as long as it doesn't last much more than another day. >> reporter: now the concern in this area will be the wind. you know. we saw the damage it did yesterday. we are expecting 40 miles an hour winds tomorrow. reporting live in sausalito, cate caugurian, kpix5. pg&e has the power back onto just about everyone. but 1200 customers are still in the dark in the north bay. work crews are dealing with a lot of fallen tree to night. a true fell right on top of that red car and shattered the rear window of another car across the street. nobody was hurt. in berkeley, crews cut up this 90-foot pine tree. the owner was home at the time it fell, but not hurt.
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meanwhile, some peel are still cleaning up from the last big storm in december including residents of one badly damaged trailer park in redwood city. christian hartnett is there saying they have taken to social media to get the problems fixed. >> reporter: these are people who lost clothing, a lot of their stuff, cars. severe damage to their homes. they live in constant fear when it rains. the bay is their backyard and when water levels rise, it floods. >> we need to put a wall up. a containing wall. the city and state should get involved. and the owner should get involved so we can build this so it won't happen again. >> reporter: that is from a youtube video. the idea is to raise awareness and for some action to be taken possibly at the state level. neighbors at the mobile home
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community say the canal behind the park spills into the property. they say they are sick and tired of their complaints falling on deaf ears. >> we are low income. and therefore, we don't have the resources to get the whole town behind us. and we just have nobody on our side. nobody fighting for us. >> reporter: discussions at the city level to find a permanent fix have gone nowhere. residents at the park say ownership choose to ignore their pleas for help. one thing has improved since the storm back in early december that drew a lot of media attention. the city has been more involved since then. yesterday, actually, the city, or after yesterday's rain, the city brought over a couple of their own water pumps that pump some extra water that was sitting there. to pump it out.
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the manager says ha is the first time that has happened since she has lived there. live in redwood city, christian hartnett, kpix5. >> chp says wet roads likely caused a deadly head on crash in contra costa county. it was raining with the driver of this porshe lost control and slammed into two oncoming cars. the driver was killed along with his car and one of the other drivers was badly hurt. the other is okay. it is unclear if rain played a role in this crash in concord. a car hit a tree after colliding with another vehicle on 680 and willow pass road. they had to use the jaws of life to rescue the people inside. the people in the other car were okay. a bizarre twist tonight in the deadly crash involving former olympian bruce jenner. a suspected drunk driver plowed into the crash in malibu hitting two of the four vehicles involved in the original wreck. no one was hurt in that crash,
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but the driver was arrested. meanwhile, investigators say it appears jenner was not at fault. they say his suv slammed into the back of another car when the driver in front of him stopped short. the impact pushed the lexus into the path of an oncoming car. the lexus driver was killed. jenner was not hurt, but five ohs were. according to tmz, he said he was being followed by paparazzi at the time. ships are piling up along the west coast after a partial shutdown at more two dozen ports including the port of oakland. union workers are locked in a bitter contract battle with their employers. the ports decided to just shut down for the weekend. that means nothing is being loaded or unloaded. contract talks are expected to resume on monday. tonight, there's still so word on a winner in tonight's
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massive power ball jackpot. people were lined up at cavanaugh liquors for their chance of winning. the jackpot rose to 394 more by the time the numbers were drawn. here they are. check your ticket numbers, the numbers are 5, 10, 21, 34, and 58. the power ball is 33. good luck. the stage is set for music's biggest night. the 57th annual grammy awards air tomorrow night on channel 5. >> grammy nominees are stirring up trouble at clyde davis' pregrammy party. azalea says she would be honored to win any of her four nominations. >> a grammy is a grammy baby.
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>> reporter: singer wrong writer brandy clark is taking the stage with dwight yokum. >> i'm definitely the underdog in may category. that is okay. i would rather be the underdog and surprise a few people than be expected and not. >> reporter: clark's competition includes superstar miranda lambert. the world will be watching the grammy stage sunday night and a stellar performance can make a career. last yearlings sam smith was seated in the way back just watching the show. now he is tied for the most nominations. >> it is an unhuman experience. i can't put it into words. i feel very overwhelmed and i'm trying to concentrate not to trip on stage. >> reporter: to top it off, smith will perform live with mary jay blige. tonight, this bay area man is up for grammy gold, the good
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deed that landed him a nomination. >> plus t device could help you control how much you eat. it is the first appetite pacemaker. >> another storm steering toward the bay area and you can track it's progress with the cbs bay area weather app. you can check radar, send us your we we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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>> rain has stopped the spread of a big wild fire burning in the sierra foothills but not before it burned at least 40 homes. fires burned more than 7,000 acres since yesterday. dozens of homes are still evacuated. it is the latest tool against the battle against overeating. a device that promises to turn off hunger. you can now get a pace make tore regulate your appetite. >> reporter: it is the news that has taken the weight loss world by storm. the world's first appetite pacemaker. >> everybody was caught off guard. >> reporter: the doctor is a weight loss researcher in scrips in san diego. it is one to test the b blocker in people. >> there it is.
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>> reporter: virginia of east san diego got her b block four years ago. she was one of the very first patients to give it a try. >> i heard an ad on the radio for a clinical study. so it was going to be free. and, i figured what did i have to lose? >> reporter: at the time she was more than 100 pounds overweight. >> my husband loves to eat. we had four sons who were ravenous all the time. and they all just wanted to eat all the time. >> reporter: all the food she served to them took its toll on her. >> it all tempted me. >> reporter: but ever since surgery ... >> it doesn't. >> reporter: the v block works a lot like a pacemaker. it has a motor under the skin and cuffs around the vegas nerve running from the brain to the intestines. it plays a huge role in telling how hungry you are. the v block turns on automatically. tiny metal coils inside these
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cuffs send electrical pulses along the nerve for 12 hours a day. at once power is turned on. >> you get the power of fullness. you ate a nice big meal. >> we are not goofing things up. we are just augmenting a normal thing that happens. >> and doctors who want to offer it will have to undergo special training. it is not clear how much the procedure will cost or whether insurance will cover it. tonight, president obama is showing hiss support for a dublin teen battling cancer. one of the president's advisers posted this picture on twitter showing him wearing a camille strong on air force one. the community is rallied around her using the slogan on social media. the box of scarves had been stolen and was found on railroad tracks in oakland. the scarves carried the camille
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strong slogan and were meant as gifts for her supporters. she completed her eighth round of chemo therapy. nbc anchor brian williams is take himself off the air for a while while they investigate his story telling. he admitted to lying about being in a chopper that was shot down in 2003. he admitted to being in a trailing chopper. now other questions have been raised about what he has reported. it is unclear when he will return to the anchor desk. by this time tomorrow, a legendary blues musician from the bay area could have his hands on grammy gold. allen martin reports the recording he was nominated for was never intended to be made. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> ever since i was a little kid, i remember i would hear blues and think to myself, man, the way that music sounds, that is how i feel. >> reporter: charlie musselwhite, born in mississippi, schooled in the
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chicago blues. he calls california home. charlie lives in sonoma county with the love of my life. >> henrietta is my wife and manager. >> reporter: he has already won music's top award for the album he made with singer ben harper. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: but now charlie is nominated for another grammy. for a recording he never intended to make. ♪ she sleeps in the kitchen ♪ >> reporter: two years ago, he was on tour and stopped in clarksdale, mississippi. >> people say that is where the blues came from. >> reporter: the jute joint chapel for the benefit the raise money for the delta blues museum. >> we were there just to raise money at this benefit for them to have better amplifiers an instruments. >> reporter: somebody asked if he could record the concert. >> the board, i don't know if i
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looked at the board. i said yeah, turn it on. it was all kind of a fluke, you know? a lark. and as it turns out, the tape from that show was pretty good. >> reporter: the album was released on henrietta records. their beg biggest seller. >> that would be me. >> reporter: they were bowled over when they got a grammy nomination. as for that benefit? [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: two months ago, the kids from clarksdale brought their blues to the white house for the first lady. >> you guys are awesome! >> reporter: they won an award. let's hope charlie gets one, too. allen martin, kpix5. >> let's watch for him tomorrow night. that is 57th annual grammies tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on kpix5. our betty yu is in los angeles and she will be brings us live reports all evening starting at
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5:30. by that time, we will all have endured another in a series of storms that have affected the bay area. tomorrow is a pretty potent one, too. we are getting a chance to exhale tonight. we look at the golden gate bridge. there is fog forming from the atmosphere juiced up. numbers are northeastly in the 50s . san francisco is the warm spot. 61 degrees, san jose, 59. santa rosa, 57. in concord a 7 degrees. and here is how it looks. rainfall, the past 24 hours, didn't do too badly. about three quarter of an inch in mount diablo. seven tenths in livermore. 9900. in santa rosa, approaching two- thirds of an inch. so, again, not bad. and there will be more in the rain bucket by this time tomorrow night. winds at this point fairly light. a bigarreaus to what was happening last night.
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wind alerts posted for tomorrow with sustained winds. 20 to 40 miles an hour out of the south. gusts could get up to 60 miles an hour up on skyline and the east bay peaks that produces the possibility again of downed trees and power lines. for tomorrow, here is where it is all coming from. one leaves, another on its heels, that one shows a lot of energy. it doesn't pack a terrific cold punch. never theless, it is carrying its own bubble of cool air. that means some instability. so there is the potential for thunderstorms, too, tomorrow afternoon. unlike what we had with the storm thursday and friday. so out the door tomorrow morning. light rain will begin to develop and turn in quick step fashion into early rain for much of the bay area. we get this brief break tonight and that next low comes in with wind and rain spreading south tomorrow. and then unstable air in some scattered showers, but warm
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this, bang. right there, mid morns. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. it will be quite a wakeup call for sun morning and the activity goes to what you are seeing here. widely scattered showers around the bay area. that will begin to clear out by monday afternoon. the rest of the week looks pretty good. rain will spread south. gusty winds, the potential for afternoon thunderstorms. and then the showers will end monday. overnight lows, we will see readings in the mid 50s . sunrise tomorrow monoing at 7:07. we see readings mostly in the mid 60s with 65 in the city and 66 at livermore. the five-day outlook. the showers tomorrow, pretty good rain. thunderstorms a possibility. gusty winds as well. give way to lingers showers monday morning. and then clearing out monday afternoon. crystal clear visibilities by tuesday. in fact, a week from now, we will be back into 70-degree territory for the bay area with
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another dry spell ahead. so in the meantime, we get hit, and pretty good tomorrow. ann? >> all right, thanks brian. all right ... >> speaking of hitting. >> yeah. >> we got that. i bet you could shoot when you were younger. >> we will drop the puck in san jose. what looked like a snackmented turned out to be more than is
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>> nba up top. in the east coast, warriors tour hit new york tonight. and oh, thousand mighty have fallen. knicks, just 10 wins all season. phil jackson, all those nba rings and nothing with this team. meantime, it looks sharp early. good ball movement. draymond green for the three. he had 20 points in the game. warriors created all kinds of headaches and turnovers. steph curry picked his spot. gave a 16-point lead. curry with 19 in the game. third quarter, more damage. klay thompson. who ally-oop number with andrew bogut. warriors stopped scores.
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shooting deep threes. shane larkin on the layup. cut the warriors lead to five. 16-0 run. a minute later, harrison barnes. andre iguodala had his back. warriors eke it out. 106-92 for their 40th win for the year. sharks, and the little one. baby baby. second period. hosting the hurricanes. goal. 3-1. sharks come back. in the first four minutes of the third, logan couture, excuse me. tied the game up at 3-3. still tied. five minutes left. canes on the attack. andreas sacara got the game winner. sharks have lost three of four. wow. i'm not done. time-out on the floor. i'm coming back with up tempo pictures. you just got to see them.
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>> local college basketball and a lot of it. cal, got a little lightning in the bottle. just in time to host ucla. tyrone wallace left the superman cape at home. powell said here is my back, climb on. he gave ucla a four-point lead.
11:28 pm
but the bears. jamari bird. next possession. a clutch shot. that was big. cal within one. 25 seconds left. cal needed some magic. wallace. tar attainer the corner. and he hits with 18 seconds left. cal up. they have to sweat that out. it is a missed free-throw. here is bryce. auburn. it is good if it goes, but it doesn't. cal wins, their fourth straight win. 64-62. west coast conference, we have second ranked on the hill top facing usf. second half, dons coming away with the ball. and tim dirkson. dons got their first lead of the game leading the second ranked team by two. tied at 15-15. kyle wilcher. inside, and-one. zags up by three. less than a minute left.
11:29 pm
eric mclellen said okay. back in the bus. we are out of here. they win 81-70. on the hill top tonight. randy bennett. looks good in a suit doesn't he? his saint maries hosted the pacific. they love being here beyond the arc. carrie carter. open bucket. gails up by 13. second half, more of the same. give waldo the ball and get out of the way. gayles won 73-58. they are 10-2 in the west coast conference. florida gators threw a scare to unbeaten kentucky. see what they do. they pick you clean and destroy the basket. that is willy carlystein. they are trying to open it up. thunders down the ally-oop. wildcats survive 68-61
11:30 pm
improving to 23-0. the only unbeaten team in mens college basketball. let me leave it with that. the usf, they lost tonight, but it is the first four overtime college ball basketball games of the year. and the only one in the history of women's basketball in the west coast conference. >> wow. really? >> they got 14 wins. they are earmarked for maybe 20. that would be quite a story. >> as we head toward march
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